Zero chances of cross-contamination

We have dedicated sterile small-volume parenteral facilities for sterilized water for injection and Sodium Chloride 0.9% v/v respectively. 

Zero Human interference ​

Plastic ampoules are aseptically formed filled and sealed in a single process under LAF using latest FFS tech, coupled with high level of automation.

5 Years of shelf life

We use USP Pharma-grade LDPE granules sourced from Germany which gives excellent resistance against leachability and is 100% BPA free.


Extensive quality control measures

Our Fully equipped QC lab with dedicated microbial lab, sterility zone, chemical lab, incubation and stability chambers extensively test every product ensuring long term sterility of our ampoules.

Purest form of water

Our WFI generation Plant is a 5-stage fully automatic end-to-end interlocked water system which controls and records all critical parameters in accordance with the stringent international guidelines.

Zero defects assured

We sterilize and vacuum leak test 100% of the ampoules manufactured. Our multiple checkpoints inspection system filters out every defected ampoule before it gets ready to be packed.

Patient centric

Our facility is capable of manufacturing 45million ampoules per month with zero defects ensures accessibility, quality and affordability of SVP products to the world.