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Global Reach, Innovative Solutions, and Customer Satisfaction Are Our Priorities

Commitment to Quality and Innovation in Small-Volume Parenteral Manufacturing

Our goal is to deliver quality of care in a courteous, respectful, and compassionate manner. We hope you will allow us to care for you and to be the first and best choice for healthcare.

Auraya Healthcare, established in 2009, is a leading small-volume parenteral manufacturer delivering high-quality products to global pharmaceutical organizations. Certified by ISO 9001:2008, WHO, and cGMP, their products include small volume parenteral and liquid injectables, designed as per the latest standards.

Our Innovative Pharmaceutical Products

Our operations are characterized by seamless integration, utilizing cutting-edge, fully-automatic Form, Fill and Seal technology. We adhere rigorously to CGMP guidelines, ensuring the highest quality standards. With a robust manufacturing capacity of 50 million plastic ampoules per month, our unwavering commitment to deliver superior products while providing exceptional customer service makes us the largest SVP fluids (SWFI & NaCl 0.9% v/v) manufacturer in Asia’s 2nd largest pharmaceutical hub.

Our Accreditations

Serve the community by improving the quality of life through better health. We put protocols to protect our patients and staff while continuing to provide medically necessary care.



CE quality certificate


Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

We believe in building enduring relationships. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products to the partnerships we forge with retailers and suppliers. Join us in a collaborative journey where reliability, transparency, and shared success define the foundation of our thriving relationships.


Our state-of-the-art technology harnesses the power of Blow-Fill-Seal, ensuring unparalleled precision, sterility, and efficiency in the production of our pharmaceutical products.

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    Feel free to reach out to our dedicated team for any inquiries, be it general or related to bulk orders. Our committed staff ensures a prompt response, and our experts are on standby to address any urgent requirements.

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    Please feel free to contact our friendly staff with any bulk order.

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